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Unlike the other security service providers in the market, we are pin-pointing our system to protect IoT devices security matters.

Moreover, as imbedded software could not be updated easily without the software support from manufacturers, our system is developed to support old IoT devices without the manufacturers’ support.

Enjoy safe IoT life and be smarter than ever before!

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Meet our services both for enterprise users and personal users.

Monitoring System

What makes our service more than special compare to others is simple to use and install monitoring system. This system could be directly installed in the Wi-Fi router, smartphone, IoT device or others. As our system is planned to handle both in house devices and third party devices, our software will include MAC (Message Authentication Code) tag adding system and AI based intelligent detection system.

Our MAC tag adding system is focusing on maintaining information blocks’ integrity. It will add custom-made tag to the body for every bits communicating with remote servers and clients.

Intelligence Detection System will always monitor the network flow between the IoT devices and client devices. This will ensure the connection visibility through our unique network mirroring technology so that does not effects to network speed or needs modification of network architecture.

Code Obfuscation

Decoding raw source code through reverse engineering bothers IT developers more than 30 years, since semiconductor has introduced in the market. This reverse engineering process normally done by analyzing binary code (also known as machine code) with decompiler or debugger such as Ghidra. These decompiler coverts binary code into C language so that source code obfuscation is not enough to protect the heart of the system. Therefore, we are developing system that satisfy both highly compatible and hardware level encryption.

To achieve the development of market leading technology, we are concentrating on encryption of binary code’s header and section in the isolated in the hardware level or utilizing TEE (Trusted Execution Environment).

Software Maintenance

For the SMEs developing IoT devices, it is hard to maintain their products software up-to-date every time when vulnerability has found. In the worst case scenario, security hole left for the software maintenance could be used as backdoor to breach into the system.

Our many years of experienced professionals will determine client’s software and not only provides improving security of the software but also prepare detailed software structure map based on IEEE standard 1016-1998.

Software Development

Our main goal in software development is maintaining every imbedded software easily than ever. We are preparing three key methods to make the imbedded software development easier than ever.

There are numerous imbedded chipsets are using in the industry. All specifications, application notes, and example codes are various by the chipset manufacturers. For the faster and efficient development environment, we are planning to develop in-house knowledge base that stores key components of the software development process.

Developing every software modules only for the target device is highly inefficient and time consuming work. We will build our own library to boost up development speed.

Software testing is the easy to skipped step when developing software. Therefore, we are developing our own software test routine only for the imbedded devices.

What are you waiting for?

Start your very first journey of protecting personal data through ONEDIRECT SECURITY and do not worry more for your IoT devices! Our professionals are here to help you.