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Welcome to the new world of security


We are passionate and experienced professionals who are always innovating ourselves through continuous technological research. We are specialized in IoT devices security which few people are specialised in the market.

Use our services and use IoT devices safer than ever from your home, office, or any other places!

Why our services are so special?

Easy to use

If you are installing our monitoring system in the Wi-Fi router or internal switch, simply upload our firmware in the device and you are ready to go!

Ready for professionals

Are you corporate user? Don’t worry! Our software support for network managers enables to check network whenever and wherever they are!

No modification

If you are installing our service into a seperate internal privacy network, do not need to change every configurations. Just install our software in the networking device and start mirroring.

Experienced Professionals

We are recruiting highly experienced professionals to provide best quality software experience for clients.

Pin-Point Service

We are specialized in IoT device security system. Therefore, we could provide custom services depends on the customers circumstances.

Software Development

For the further plan, we are preparing to provide software update service for the old IoT devices through business collaboration with IoT device developers.

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