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Machine Learning Engineer

Full Time

Who we are

We are market leading IoT device specified security system developer with the latest technology. We are currently looking for passionate and creative teammates for our very first product launch. Please see below and contact us if you are intrested in. We are open now!

Job Highlights

Development of UEBA algorithm

AI4SAFE or ABC algorithm

Machine learning model development experience

Bachelor or above degree in the major stated below

Job Description

- Develop Apache Spark based AI network anomaly detection system
- Develop total network monitoring system with deep learning algorithm
- Develop UEBA(User and Entity Behavior Analysis) algorithm with supervised learning algorithms such as AI4SAFE method or ABC algorithm
- Optimize service performance for the consumer-grade routers and other smaller imbedded networking devices
- Communicate closely with Data Engineer to build malware patterns
- Develop solid machine learning model’s web application load test routine with Apache JMeter or other tools if needed
- Developed test routine should satisfy ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 standard


5+ years of experience in following industry or related field: Machine Learning model development, internet security system development, or algorithm testing and integrity check. Must have bachelor’s degree or higher degree related in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or other related majors. Applicants holding bachelor’s or higher degree in Mathematics are highly preferred.


HK$ 40,000 or above