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Information Security Manager

Full Time

Who we are

We are market leading IoT device specified security system developer with the latest technology. We are currently looking for passionate and creative teammates for our very first product launch. Please see below and contact us if you are intrested in. We are open now!

Job Highlights

Knowledge in cuMAC or related technology

AI-based monitoring system

Imbedded Kernal development experience

Bachelor or above degree in the major stated below

Job Description

- Develop in-house IoT device security management platform for home/enterprise level routers.
- Imbed and ensure capability between old devices with cuMAC method
- Develop monitoring system that tracks each devices pattern information (usage of device, type of data usage), report routine and time and automatic connection block or block records
- Develop admin panel that informs collected information in the statistics page
- Communicate closely with Data Engineer for network statistics
- Register client devices’ MAC address for connection filtering and authentication


5+ years of experience in following industry or related field: Machine Learning model development, internet security system development, or algorithm testing and integrity check. Must have bachelor’s degree or higher degree related in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or other related majors. Applicants holding bachelor’s or higher degree in Mathematics are highly preferred


HK$ 40,000 or above